KeepKey Hardware Wallet – Is it Safe?

keepkey hardware wallet

KeepKey Hardware Wallet Review

Many exchanges don’t provide sufficient security to safeguard your coins properly. This led to the development of different types of wallets serving different purposes: Wallets store public and private keys allowing safer storage and transfer of cryptocurrencies.

KeepKey is an offline hardware wallet that stores digital currencies and secures them from theft and loss. Hardware wallets are the safest means of storing cryptocurrency as they are kept offline and not subject to the same threats as online wallets. And, KeepKey is a popular choice.


Type of Wallet

Hardware Wallet

Included with Wallet

  • Keepkey Device
  • USB Cable
  • Recovery sentence backup card.


  • Shape-shifting feature for converting one cryptocurrency coin into another within the wallet.
  • Has a sleek design and a much more durable feel
  • Large display screen providing a more convenient vetting and confirmation processes
  • Anti-keystroke spying
  • Compatible with a large range of devices
  • Includes TREZOR v1.3.3 as part of its source code

Safety & Security

Considered a very safe wallet for several reasons. Including:

PIN lock: An extra PIN for increased protection and the prevention of unauthorized access to the hardware. Transactions cannot be made without the PIN. It also minimizes unauthorized access by doubling the delay timer for every set of three incorrect entries.
Built with

TREVOR Code: Trevor is a very secure software with several protocols in place to guarantee the safety of the hardware wallet.


The device was built with backup in mind. Easily access and recover all data from the device with any software supporting BIP 44 and 12-word recovery phrase. Even if the device is lost, stolen or damaged, you can recover your private key or PIN with the recovery 12-word codes.


KeepKey Wallet Transaction Quick Guide

  1. Download two chrome applications (one for generating a wallet and one for connecting to KeepKey through Chrome)
  2. Connect your device to your computer
  3. The computer client then passes transactions to KeepKey
  4. KeepKey displays transaction details and requires manual confirmation through an inbuilt display
  5. Once the transaction is approved, the request returns to the computer client and onto the network.
  6. Safely remove your device and keep it safe.

OS Compatibility

  • Linux
  • Windows – PC
  • Mac
  • Android

KeepKey Hardware Wallet Compatibility

  • Electrum
  • Multibit
  • Mycelium

Coins Supported

KeepKey is a Hardware Wallet that supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Doge, Dash, Ethereum, and more.


The KeepKey Hardware Wallet has a great reputation. They are well regarded for customer support, continued improvements, and excellent security features.

Customer support

KeepKey has reliable customer service and a reputation for quickly responding to user issues. Additionally, they have an extensive FAQ page for the wallet covering all the features.


The KeepKey Wallet received numerous positive Amazon reviews right from the start. However, since the Bitcoin Cash Fork reviews and community confidence have fallen. Complaints about Bitcoin transaction difficulties have become commonplace.

Even Though Etherum has the same issues, confidence has been diminished.

As for security, it remains well-regarded.


The usual network fees will apply and as a hardware wallet, it also costs to buy the device. It’s not one of the cheapest hardware wallets around, either.


The retail price is about $99 to $129.99.


Transaction fees are automatically calculated by the KeepKey client, ensuring quick confirmation. These are network fees and vary depending on the coins being sent. KeepKey does not charge fees.

Final Verdict


KeepKey is a very secure hardware wallet. It has a very intuitive, easy-to-use design and a great display for confirmation of transactions. For what you get, it has a reasonable price and comes with loads of beneficial features.

Despite some reports of Bitcoin transaction issues, KeepKey has no shortage of positive reviews and appears to be doing very well.

Final Verdict: If you want a safe and secure cold storage device that isn’t intended for daily carry, this may work for you. All in all, it’s a GOOD product. And a safe wallet option.


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