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Infinito Software Wallet

Infinito Universal Mobile Wallet Review

Mobile wallets secure coins online, making access preferable to many. However, mobile wallets often come with some technical and security risks.

This is where the Infinito wallet comes in. This mobile wallet has over 200,000 downloads and a near-perfect reputation. It works with iOS and Android devices.

Type of Wallet

Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

Included with Infinito Universal Mobile Wallet

  • Download online help resources


The Infinito Wallet is a multi-currency wallet with several unique features.

  • Fingerprint ID support ensures no unauthorized access through your phone
  • The wallet supports several languages
  • Price charts for different coins
  • Ability to compare portfolios within the wallet

Safety & Security

  • No verification is required with the Infinito Wallet. The private keys are available on download/install.
  • The wallet uses a password to secure your account from unauthorized access but verification is unnecessary.
  • The Infinito Wallet uses a 12-word passphrase to assist in recovering should you lose access to the phone/wallet.

It also has a great Touch Fingerprint ID feature that can be implemented along with the password feature.


Recommend a third-party backup solution and that the wallet only is used for smaller amounts. Larger amounts should be stored on offline hardware wallets.


The Infinito wallet has an attractive easy-to-use UI (interface). It clearly identifies essential functions such as sending and receiving. And, setting up security is a breeze.

APC’s Quick Guide to the Infinito Wallet

The wallet is compatible with both Android or iOS devices.

Setting Up the App

  1. Download the Infinito Wallet from the Android or Apple Stores
  2. Click Install and Open
  3. After install you will be provided with your recovery phrase
  4. Write down the 12-word recovery phrase & safely secure it!
  5. Set your login password and enable the Finger-print security feature if desired

Adding New Currency to the Infinito Universal Mobile Wallet

  1. Select the “+” sign
  2. Select either “Coins” or “Tokens” depending on what you intend to add
  3. Select the token or coin you want to enable
    • For coins, select the “Next” bottom
    • Tokens are automatically added.

Sending & Receiving Cryptocurrency

  1. Select the specific cryptocurrency you wish to Send, Receive or check on
  2. You will now see the Activity tab
  3. Send funds by clicking the “Send” button
  4. Fill in the “Send to” form
  5. Fill in the recipient’s wallet address
  6. Fill in the “Amount” box with the amount you wish to send
  7. Select the service you want to use to send funds:
    • Economy – Lower fees & slower transfer
    • Premium – Higher fees & faster transfer
    • Regular – The middle road
  8. Click on “Next” to continue.
  9. Receive funds by clicking the “Receive” button
  10. Copy your wallet address from the “My Address”
  11. Paste it into the corresponding box

OS Compatibility

Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Coins Supported

This is a very universal wallet.

It supports major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and many more…

Plus, it supports smart contract blockchain tokens including ETH ERC-20, NEO NEP-5, and EOS.


Infinito is one of the best-rated mobile wallet apps. It has over 200,000 downloads with a rating consistently exceeding 4 out of 5 in app stores and a near-perfect score in several forums.

Customer support

Infinito Wallets come with reliable and active customer support. They are quick (usually within a few hours) to answer user questions and can be reached via their email, social networks, their website, and app stores.

Alternatively, you can visit their website to browse the extensive FAQ.


This is a young wallet but has already received a lot of praise from users. Most feedback is positive and favors the UI’s designed and intuitive interface. Another popular feature is that users keep their private keys.

Most complaints are about missing features. Such as no support for some top coins.



Free download + transaction fees


  • The Infinito Universal Mobile Wallet is FREE to use.
  • However, fees are applied whenever sending funds on the blockchain. The fee will be charged to process the transaction based on the cryptocurrency sent.
  • Fees vary depending on the level of service selected. Users can choose between “Economy”, “Regular” and “Premium” services.

Visit Infinito Here for a complete look at fees

Final Verdict


The Infinito wallet is a Great wallet with one of the best reputations (user feedback). For a hot wallet, it has solid security features. It stores numerous coins and has a fantastic track record of customer and tech support.

It’s a relatively new wallet, and there are several other mobile wallets with great reputations and a long history.

What sets them apart: Their commitment to user satisfaction. No charges for using the wallet, No limitations on the amount of coins usage

Final Verdict: The Infinito Wallet is convenient, relatively secure, easy to use, and a GREAT choice for both the beginner and experienced crypto user.

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