BRD Decentralized Wallet – Is It Legit? Full Review

BRD Cryptocurrency Wallet

BRD Decentralized Wallet Review

The BRD App is a free, decentralized digital wallet for your smartphone. It works with iOS and Android devices and can send, receive or make payments with Bitcoins, Etherium and 100 top ERC20 coins. It makes transactions quick and simple. It offers an efficient & intuitive design making account creation, and log-in transactions a breeze. Founded in 2014, BRD is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

BRD Cryptocurrency Wallet

Type of Wallet

BRD is a decentralized mobile wallet

Included with Wallet

  • Free download with online help/resources available


BRD is not only a great decentralized mobile wallet. It enables users to use the interface to buy Bitcoins directly with cash or a bank account. You can use the BRD interface map to find Bitcoin ATMs and retailers. You can buy with your bank account with the BRD interface. Plus, many other great features.

  • BRD is a great decentralized mobile wallet.
  • Enables users to buy Bitcoins directly with cash or a bank account.
  • Use the BRD interface map to find Bitcoin ATMs and retailers or to buy with your bank account.
  • BRD wallet management: enabling users to add, hide, order and list wallets. As well as leave out select assets.
  • A safe platform tool for digital trading assets.

Safety & Security

The BRD Decentralized Wallet App requires users to create a 6-digit PIN code restricting access. This code is used with every login attempt.

BRD also provides a paper key consisting of a random twelve-word seed phrase. This paper’s key phrase helps protect the user by offering a way to identify them in case they lose their phone. Needless to say, this should be written down and kept in a safe & secure location.

BRD does NOT store private keys on their servers. It is a fully decentralized wallet that stores private keys in the mobile device’s hardware. This further secures user coins from hackers.

Decentralization goes a step further with the BRD App. It uses SPV mode to connect directly to the Bitcoin network. This prevents others, including  BRD employees, from accessing user information and transactions.

In short, the BRD App offers great anonymity, privacy, and full control over their assets.


The BRD wallet is well designed, simple, intuitive wallet. It is a great choice for novices and seasoned pros alike.

Quick APC ‘How-To Guide for the BRD App

The BRD wallet has a very user-friendly interface and is great for beginners.

Installing BRD

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Download the BRD App wallet
  3. Select install after download

Create Your Wallet

  1. Launch the application
  2. Select the “Create a new wallet” button
  3. Input your 6-digit PIN
    • This is used when you login > Remember it!
  4. BRD will generate a 12-word paper key seed phrase.
    • This used for accessing your wallet in case of phone loss.
    • So, again, write these words down & keep them SAFE!

Choosing Transaction Type

  • Install > Create your first wallet
  • Add your first cryptocurrency to your wallet
  • Transfer from another wallet
  • Buy new cryptocurrency directly through the BRD application.

Receive Cryptocurrency from Another Wallet or Exchange

  • Select the “Receive” button in the BRD App
  • BRD will display your wallet address, QR code and a link
  • Select one of the items displayed to initiate Sending
  • That’s it. Now wait a few minutes or so, for the coin to show in your BRD wallet

Buying Bitcoins

  • Buy Bitcoins directly through the BRD interface
  • Select the “Menu” tab
  • Select the “Buy” option
  • To buy via ATM, select the map feature
    • You will be directed to Bitcoin ATMs
  • Transfer via bank account
    • Keep in mind third-party services facilitate this transfer and they have their terms and conditions.

Sending Cryptocurrencies

  • Add cryptocurrencies to your BRD wallet
  • From the interface home screen, select the cryptocurrency to send
  • Select the “Send” option
  • Enter the recipient’s address
  • Type in the amount of coin to be sent
  • Add a short message if you like
  • Confirm transaction details and then select “Send”
  • That’s it! The coins will now be added to the recipient’s wallet and removed from yours

OS Compatibility

iOS and Android Devices

Coins Supported by BRD Decentralized Wallet

  • BRD App supports:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • 100+ of the top ERC20 tokens


BRD has a great reputation. Within the cryptocurrency community, it is regarded as one of the best mobile wallets. One of the reasons for their popularity is a commitment to maintaining user privacy & anonymity.

Customer support

BRD offers great customer support via an onsite contact form with an email response within 24 hours.


Another point of praise is the Apps lightweight, intuitive design and rapid transfers.



The App is free to download and the fees are straightforward.


BRD fees are straightforward, transparent, and without any hidden fees or charges.

Blockchain Network Fees Apply: Small network fees are applied to transactions because BRD synchronizes directly to the Blockchain. These fees are paid to the cryptocurrency’s network and not BRD.

In addition, BRD also charges fees when buying Bitcoin through the BRD application. The fees differ depending on the payment method used during the purchase. The table below shows these fees, payment methods, buying limits and delivery times.

Payment methodFeesDaily limitDelivery time
Bank account1% + 0.50 USD500 USD4 to 6 days
Cash at Bitcoin ATMsSet by the local operatorVariable depending on the operatorInstant
Cash at BTC retail storesSet by the local operator300 USDInstant
Credit Card (Visa/ MasterCard)5% (minimum is 10 USD) + 2.9%20,000 USD

Final Verdict


BRD is a safe, secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallet. Combining convenience, simplicity, privacy, and security makes it a GREAT choice for crypto beginners and experienced pros alike.

The BRD App is a hot (digital) wallet, so we recommend using it for small to medium amounts of cryptocurrency. For larger sums, we recommend hardware wallets.

Final Verdict: The BRD wallet is the best mobile wallet available; it has reasonable fees and is committed to anonymity & privacy. While I always recommend hardware wallets for any amount you consider ‘Large’, this is a great option for use with smaller amounts.

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